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What is the PBX Phone System & How It Helpful for Business?

Summary: The following blog gives brief information about the PBX telephone system that help to achieve business communication goals. It is the most convenient way to improve the communication. These phone help to match the current technology requirement for businesses.

The phone system continues to be the first mode of touch between a business and a capability purchaser in many instances. This means that having a dependable, kingdom of the artwork PBX telephone system is a crucial and important choice for any employer. As technology has advanced we’ve got gone from analogue exchanges to virtual and virtual structures, it approach that choosing your best phone system solution is turning into an increasing number of tough.

What is a PBX Phone System?

PBX stands for personal branch change, which is a non-public phone network used inside a business. The customers of this PBX proportion a variety of out of doors strains capable of making outside phone calls – those phone calls are finished of the general public switched phone network (PSTN).

PBX phone systems used to most effective be reserved for large companies, but through the years the prices in set up and strolling expenses have been reduced notably; which means that any business can now put money into a workplace telephone system.

Features of PBX Telephone System includes; welcome messages, call holding, conferencing, automated call distribution, a listing of extension numbers and archiving of name statistics.

Hosted PBX

You may still have all the equal advantages of a PBX however your trade box is positioned and serviced actually by using the telecoms provider. Hosted PBX telephone structures are the excellent phone systems for small agencies as they do now not require an in-house IT group to manipulate or maintain any hardware.


Hosted Phone Service is what is likewise referred to as a VOIP system (Voice over IP) and can provide voice or video over a statistics connection. It is able to also interoperate with the conventional PSTN.

The IP PBX will convert the voice in to statistics and switch it across the network as packets. Using statistics networks for voice can considerably reduce the value of long distance, and international phone calls; and extensively lessen the overheads of conventional line rentals.

An IP PBX solution is also capable of switch calls among VoIP and traditional phones while nevertheless offering the identical capability of your conventional PBX phone system. It’s far extraordinary from a hosted or cloud based totally solution as the IP PBX is owned via the, simply as with a traditional PBX.


The fee of a PBX telephone system will rely upon the form of system, the features you require and the wide variety of extensions your business wishes. To get an accurate idea of fee on your small business, you may need to contact a telecoms business inclusive.


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Dynam Communications is a leading provider of office telephone system solutions (PBX, IP PBX). Our telephone system include the features you need in an office phone system to maximize customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Whether you have 1 telephone user or 1,000, we have a solution for you.

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